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I’m Ivanha, a B2B content marketer with a full time remote job (before remote was cool — or forced upon us) and some freelance side gigs.

This article is aimed at people working remotely from another country — if you’re remote (but just out of state) this won’t be of much help.

Second disclaimer: I’m in no way a tax expert or lawyer and this isn’t legal advice — just my experience!

Here’s the main thing: remote work is absolutely my favorite way of working.

I’ve done the whole 9–5 office thing and it’s just not for me…

It’s losing its power.

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Trigger warning: this essay talks about eating disorders and dieting.

When I was 13 there were several sheets of paper stuck to the fridge in our kitchen with a magnet. It was a list, a long list of food items organized by a point system. I remember eggs held few points — the goal was to consume 20 points a day.

I was a gangly 13 year old, long limbs, all angles and edges. At 26, I’m still waiting for my boobs to make an appearance. I wasn’t worried about gaining weight, it was that blessed time during youth where…

Stop expecting me to clean the house.

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I work from home. Although I much prefer working from the cute coffee place a few blocks away, or the co-working space I haven’t had the time to sign up for (and my company offers for free.) I work from home out of necessity to be at home — because if I wasn’t, then who would be here when the Internet guys showed up to fix it for the 32nd time? Or, who would let the gardener know the holes my dog dug up need to be filled in (again)? Who could cook lunch? Change the sheets?

I have no…

Job Location: Anywhere you want.

The right talent can be found anywhere in the world, but managing a global talent pipeline requires some adjustments.

Remote positions are on the rise, as more companies adopt a global philosophy, hiring the best talent regardless of where they are. It’s a model that’s worked for us at Talkpush, we hire the most qualified talent from all around the world and use a number of tools to keep our teams connected across multiple time zones and continents. But, how did we get here?

The answer is multi-layered, but really it all starts from taking advantage of the sourcing capabilities…

Talkpush Serves up a Steaming Plate of Channel Analytics for TA professionals

A recruiting team’s success depends largely on channel and behavioral insights. And just like sales, recruitment is all about the numbers. The numbers provide the big picture on how candidates interact with the company and the sourcing channels. Managers can ideally drill down on specific data points to pinpoint which part of the funnels need optimization. It’s crucial that TA teams have access to in-depth channel analytics, so they can measure their performance.

Numbers alone don’t mean anything, they need to be transformed into actionable insights. …

Maybe. Adding another technology to your digital recruiting arsenal means integration work and potential overlaps. How to decide when enough (tech) is enough?

The recruiting industry has been making an effort to become more candidate-centric, and in turn digital solutions have been cropping up to help bridge the gap between traditional recruiting and modern marketing. The leading vendors of Applicant Tracking System (ATS) are now almost 20 years old, and some have struggled to keep up with the times, notably they were designed in an age that preceded high volume inbound marketing campaigns, as well as messaging communications. In fact, most ATSs were designed before Apple designed phones! …

Check off the items on this list to make sure you’ve chosen the right tool to add to your tech stack.

Check out a few of the ways a conversational chatbot can level up recruitment.

6 Ways Chatbots Can Rock your Recruitment World

High-volume recruiting is not for the faint of heart, finding a dozen hires in a single day requires implementing a variety of processes with no room for error. In this quest for speed, any help is appreciated. Thankfully, there are a host of time consuming tasks that can be automated. With a few additions to your tech stack, you’ll be able to free up your recruiting teams so they can spend their time on high value tasks, such as building strong connections with the right candidates.

You can expand your talent pool…

A visual story of how our conversational design team used data to make our bots adaptable to different languages and cultures.

Increase candidate engagement and automation with Talkpush integrated with your existing system of record

Here is a problem tech innovators are confronted with daily: how can we get customers to benefit from our capabilities, without disrupting their legacy systems and existing workflows? Working with large enterprise customers, we want Talkpush to be adaptable to complex environments and to support a high level of customization. Thankfully, large enterprise customer have more technical capabilities in-house than your average employer, which means they have plenty of experience working with APIs and building their own unique tech stack. By expanding our API, we knew we would have immediate adoption from some of our more tech-savvy customers.


Ivanha Paz

Writer. Venezuelan-American living in Mexico. Once cried at a reindeer video because I forgot they were real. ivanhapaz@gmail.com Tweet @ivanhapaz

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